Mala fishball noodles


We have got a huge tail end of a batang (mackeral) and I decided that a nice, hot soupy noodle will be a nice end to the long weekend. I did it in two batches: mildly spicy for the children and then I upped the spicy ant for the adults. It’s a hot night, I imagine this will be a very satisfying meal on a cold rainy night.

Here goes:
a) One tail end of a batang  (this is for the fishballs so really you make the balls and add in what you want and keep the rest for another day)
b) 2 carrots
c) 1 radish
d) 1 corn (optional)
e) 4 tablespoons of szechuan peppercorn, or 花椒
f) oyster sauce
g) dark soy sauce (just get the normal ones will do, no need for the ultra thick ones… those tend to be flavoured and will warp the taste)

1) prepare the fishballs. using a spoon, scrap out the flesh of the fish (you can keep the bones and skin for soup another day). I also sometimes mince it more by chopping them up or put them in a food processor. I like it still ‘meaty’ and so will stop here. otherwise you can mince it up somemore.
2) add pepper, a dash of sesame oil, light soy sauce and marinate the minced fish meat. set aside for an hour or so, and make into balls.
3) add carrots, radish, corn, the peppercorn and water and boil them till carrot and radish are soft, about an hour. just have the water cover the ingredients will do.
4) flavour the stew, add salt, some mushroom seasoning, oyster sauce (about 4 tablespoonful), and dark soy sauce (about 2 table spoonful).
5) stew for a bit more, adjust the taste. for the spicer version, I threw in chilli padi.
6) add in the fishballs, let them cook in the stew for about 15 min, and you are done.
7) cook your noodles in a separate pot. I like to use this hibiscus brand of noodles or you can add udon as well.
8) put noodles in a bowl, pour in the sauce and mix it up, then put in the ingredients. hearty noodle soup done!


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