Red Snapper with bitter gourd stew

red snapper with bitter gourd

Hubby went to Kuching and brought in very nice Red Snappers. I call it the Kor Guay Ang Guay stew, or the double guay har har.

I know they taste real good steamed, but I wanted to make a one dish meal for our lunch.

This is quick to do, very tasty and a perfect one dish for a lazy Sunday lunch. Pardon the photography. I will do better next time.

Here goes…


1) One Red Snapper (or any guay)

2) Half a bitter gourd

3) One tomato (I used one of those giant sized ones)

4) Ginger

5) Dash of salt and pepper

6) Cooking sake

7) Miso

8) Dashi sauce

9) Water


a) Chop up the fish into 3 big portions.

b) Rub salt, pepper, and some cooking sake all over the fish. Leave it aside for at least 10 mins.

c) Deseed bittergourd, thinly slice them.

d) Slice up tomatoes.

e) Thinly slice up ginger.

f) Heat up some oil, when hot, throw in the ginger.

g) As the ginger becomes aromatic, put in the fish. Turn the fish once to make sure that the skin does not stick to the pot/ wok.

h) Pour in water, enough to cover the fish. Add in bitter gourd and tomatoes.

i) Put in a tablespoon of miso, a generous serving of cooking sake, two tablespoons of dashi stock.

j) Let everything stew for about half an hour, and you’re done!


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